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CR Midnight Smoker is the best BBQ in Cedar Rapids, providing great barbecues at The New Bo City Market. From ribs to pulled pork; we have you covered! Visit us today for catering or call

319-573-3190 if your next big party needs some serious smoked meats."

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Gift the Flavorful Experience

Looking for the perfect gift for the foodies and BBQ lovers in your life? CR Midnight Smoker BBQ Gift Cards are the answer! Purchase online and unlock a world of authentic flavors, from succulent Texas Style Brisket to the mouthwatering goodness of Memphis Style Ribs and fantastic Pulled Pork. Ideal for any occasion, our gift cards are the gateway to an unforgettable culinary adventure. Share the love of exceptional dining with your loved ones.

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Elevate Your Events withCR MidnightSmoker BBQ Catering

Elevate your next event with CR Midnight Smoker BBQ Catering Truck! From company-wide parties to weddings and city events, we've got you covered. Indulge in Cedar Rapids' finest BBQ, expertly crafted by pitmaster Greg Stoll. Taste the succulence of Texas-style brisket, the delight of Memphis-style ribs, and more. Visit us at The New Bo City Market Call 319-573-3190 and book now for an unforgettable BBQ experience! 

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Unparalleled BBQ Experience in Cedar Rapids

Indulge in a culinary journey at CR Midnight Smoker BBQ, your destination for the best BBQ in Cedar Rapids. Our pitmaster, Greg Stoll, brings decades of expertise to every dish, ensuring a true wood-fired flavor experience. From the succulence of Texas Style Brisket, with its black pepper-forward profile, to the mouthwatering delight of Memphis Style Ribs and our fan-favorite pulled pork done Memphis-style, each bite reflects our dedication to perfecting the art of American barbecue. Join us at The New Bo City Market for a dining adventure that transcends traditional flavors, leaving an indelible mark on your palate. Visit us today!

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