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Catering with CR Midnight Smoker BBQ: Where Passion Meets Perfection

At CR Midnight Smoker BBQ, barbecue isn't just food; it's a passion that's been perfected over two decades. Our journey started with a family tradition of smoking meats, but it wasn't until we encountered food allergies that our smoker transformed into a Pit Master sensation. With influences from iconic barbecue cities across America, our owner Greg Stoll has created a unique and original barbecue experience in Cedar Rapids, a city with relatively few locally-owned barbecue restaurants.


From Passion to Profession

Greg Stoll, the pitmaster and owner of CR Midnight Smoker BBQ, has been smoking his own meats for decades. His journey from a tiler with his company, Skippy's Custom Tile, to a full-fledged barbecuer is a testament to his dedication to perfecting the art of barbecue. When his office job didn't bring the same satisfaction as seeing friends and family savoring his food, he sought out ways to make his barbecue available to the masses.

Your Event, Our

Our team is now booking catering events of all sizes for 2024, ensuring that your guests are treated to mouthwatering barbecues that will leave them craving for more. Whether you prefer our signature sandwiches, pounds of pulled pork and beef brisket, or our delectable sides like Carolina-style coleslaw and dill-heavy potato salad, we have options to satisfy all tastes.

Mouthwatering BBQ Catering

Immerse your guests in a symphony of tastes and aromas by choosing us for your catering needs. Elevate your events with our expertise in curating mouthwatering barbecues, whether it's our succulent signature sandwiches, generous servings of pulled pork and beef brisket, or our flavorful sides like Carolina-style coleslaw and dill-infused potato salad. Let us turn your gatherings into gastronomic celebrations, leaving an indelible mark on every palate.

A Flavor-Forward Approach to BBQ

At CR Midnight Smoker BBQ, we don't tame down our flavors for anyone. Instead, we've taken the best processes from different regions of the country to create a flavor-forward barbecue that lets you taste the essence of our carefully smoked meats. From brisket with a Texas-style black pepper-forward profile to Memphis-style ribs and pulled pork prepared in the Memphis tradition, our menu takes you on a journey through the diverse and delicious world of American barbecue.

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Our Signature Sauces

While we take pride in our signature sauces like Twang (a Carolina-style vinegar sauce), Harmony (our Kansas City-style sauce), and Blues on Fire (a new creation with a medium-heat kick from serrano peppers and a tart treble from blueberries), it's our meat that truly shines. Unlike some barbecue places where the sauce makes the meat, our meats stand on their own, thanks to our meticulous smoking process.

Contact Us

Don't miss the opportunity to make your event memorable with CR Midnight Smoker BBQ. Contact us to discuss your catering needs, and let us bring the passion and perfection of our barbecue to your next event. Join us in our mission to make Cedar Rapids a true barbecue city, one unforgettable event at a time.


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